ENOT online store is a modern electronics and accessories store in Ukraine. The main activity of ENOT is the sale of goods for people who are striving for a new, modern one. We popularize gadgets to the masses and support the development of digital technology.

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Develop tasks

  1. 1Selection of modern design for an online store
  2. 2Creation and deployment of the main functionality of the site
  3. 3Synchronization 1C with the project. Website optimization.
  4. 4Uploading a site to price aggregators. Constant support and development of the project

Project Features

The site was built by modern standards of interface design. The modern website design allows users to make purchases more conveniently. Wide assortment and wide functionality adds usability of the site from around the world

Responsive design is very important today. Most web site traffic consists of mobile devices. Therefore, it was decided to adapt the site to different mobile screen resolutions. Adaptability of the site affects the statistics of visits and usability of customers.

Several solutions have been introduced to increase site performance.

Adaptive Design

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