Objective and challenges Chirr - it's one of the biggest international free announcement boards in the region. It helps to find the best purchases in real estate, cars, and many other items which you need per living. It has a lot of necessary features which can help to find exactly what you need.


  • Access to your own cabinet;
  • Posting public announcement;
  • Chatting with customers and publishers;
  • To localize the place of the announcement;
  • Make money operation on the website;
  • Choose a topic for the announcement;
  • Add favorite.


  • More than 10000 new visitors last year;
  • More than 100000 purchases on this platform;
  • The prize as the most fast-growing announcement platform 2021.

Technologies: PHP, Laravel Location:

RF Business domain: eCommerce

Project duration: 2021-2021

Team: size 4

Team location: Lutsk

*note: MVP was done, but further development was handed over to the client's team due to war conflict.