Tapeso Netherland carpet web-store which sells them all over the world


  • The catalog of goods with categories and the possibility to sort the ware by rating, popularity, price, etc.;
  • The ability to set different attributes (properties) for the product;
  • Various methods of delivery are implemented;
  • Basket of goods, products comparison;
  • Search engine optimization;
  • Payment systems integrations;
  • Exporting data to marketplaces.


  • 10 new countries as potential customers;
  • Optimization for server maintenance fees;
  • 4 payment systems;
  • Average rating Reviews for Tapeso as website 4.8 by customers.

Location: Netherlands

Project duration: December 2021- March 2022

Team location: Lutsk

Team size: 3

Business domain: Retail

Technologies: Php Symfony, Javascript, rabbitmq, docker, MySQL, Redis