Notre-Dame du Laus

Notre-Dame du Laus Travel guide which in interesting and informative way gives you all facts about incredible picturesque place in text and audio format.

Objectives and challenges 


  • Schedule of sermons;
  • Google map integration (the customer can get a route to the church);
  • Ability to send pictures as a card to anyone from the list of contacts);
  • Payment integration (the customer can buy candles and pay for them in the app);
  • Ability to order prayers.


  • increase traffic in the youtube channel by 13%;
  • increase advertisers for 68%;
  • increase tourists' happiness and feedback.

Location: France

Project duration: September 2021 - November 2021

Team location: Lutsk, Lviv

Team size: 6

Business domain: Advertisement

Technologies: React, React Native, Symfony, MySQL, AWS, Google Apk