🇺🇦 Year of Resilience 🇺🇦

A whole year has passed since the full-scale invasion of russian troops into Ukraine. Since then, and until today, we have lived every day with anxiety for our lives and future. This was especially felt in the first month of the war, as this terrible moment happened suddenly, and we were not prepared for the events that followed.

However, a person can adapt to any living conditions. That is why we were able to gather our strength, accept the harsh reality, and endure these difficult times with dignity. Without exaggeration, it can be said that our faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the brave people who joined its ranks helped us the most. Every day they protect us so that we can continue our relatively normal lives and plan for the future in a free country. All we need is support, both moral and physical, in this difficult task.

That is why today we express our special gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for everything they have done for us, as well as to all our loved ones and those close to us who have always been by our side and helped us survive this difficult year of resilience.

Glory to Ukraine!