It's a new opportunity to care about your health. Modern contemporary website where you can chose a doctor  and take any consultation on-line 

Objectives and challenges

It’s  new step in medicine documental work which give quick and  

Main functionalities:

- live video calls and conferences implementation (2 and more members); 

- online chat between patients and doctors

- personal patient’s profile with health records, health descriptions, documents, analyses, allergies, prescriptions etc

Personalized profiles for healthcare professionals to highlight their skills, services, and availability hours.

- payment systems integration;

- providing online insurance 

Booking system to set up, manage and keep track of appointments.

Search to find the right healthcare providers and request a visit.

Feedback system of ratings and comments about healthcare service providers to help them grow their patient base.


Take less time on 25%  to send documentation

Take more clients due to good cooperation between large systems

increase insurance sales

increase in the rating of a medical institution through an increase in the services provided 

Care providers increased the number of personal visits to patients by 35%.

Healthcare providers got an extra tool to grow their patient base and reach people in need of home care in a more convenient way.

Make more comfortable making an appointment with a doctor 

Location: France

Project duration: 2019- 2022

Team location: Lutsk

Team size: 10

Business domain: Healthcare

Technologies: Symfony, React, MySQL