Physical & Mental health mobile app + platform

Objective and challenges

Create a new experimental model which is based on artificial intelligent. It with incredible accuracy creates your body construction and helps to define your mental construction and improve mental health. The App has different user flows which are based on the ML calculation.


  • Processing photos and defining key points in your body;
  • Create a personal training plan;
  • Schedule physical loads;
  • Daily routine;
  • Questioneers through the day to track user’s mood;
  • Notifications to remind the user when and what to eat, to do the exercise, to pass the Questioneers, etc.;
  • Service for Algorithms calculation and prediction.


1000+ downloads from Google Play and Appstore;

Algorithms that calculate estimated health and mental well-being user results.

Location: Australia

Team location: Lutsk, Lviv

Team size: 15

Business domain: Healthcare

Technologies: Symfony, Laravel, Vue.js, Yii2, MySQL, ReactNative, AWS.