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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

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Mykhailo Yatsyshyn


Mykhailo is dedicated to solving scientific and technological tasks in the company. With extensive experience integrating complex AI solutions, he brings invaluable experience to every challenge. Mykhailo's deep understanding of complex IoT and hardware solutions enables him to stay ahead in a competitive environment.

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Solomiia Kots


Solomiia is the longest-serving management team member who drives the collaboration with the customers all over the world. 
As the CEO of Mirko Solutions, Solomiia is a dynamic leader focused on growing profits and strengthening customer relationships. With a customer-centric mindset and strong communication skills, Solomiia builds long-term partnerships and drives business growth.

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Julia Vykhor

Business Development Manager

Yuliia is known for her communication skills, which play a key role in her ability to build strong and positive partnership. Her ability to negotiate difficult situations and her persuasive communication style helps her to maintain the trust and confidence of clients. Her ability to connect with people make her an invaluable part of the company's growth and success.

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David Kukharchuk

Tech Lead

As CTO of Mirko Solutions, David has extensive experience in creating mobile solutions in various industries. Deep understanding of AI technologies and their applications helps him implement AI-based solutions in various fields. With his expertise in both mobile development and AI technologies, David is adept at turning ideas into practical and effective solutions that drive business success.

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Yana Okseniuk

Business Development Manager

An effective approach to work helps Yana to build strong and long-term cooperation with partners throughout Ukraine and far beyond. Yana's proactive approach to business development enables her to increase revenues and expand the market. Detailed- oriented feature of character makes Yana a professional who will be able to identify clients' needs and find the best solutions.


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