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E-commerce Software Solutions

Innovative solutions in the e-commerce industry made by Mirko Solutions, are not just a tool, they are a possibility to grow, scale your opportunities and stay compatible.

Software and services for the development of financial solutions that we offer.

  1. Integration of AI

    into your online store automates interactions with the clients and can offer personalized elements based on the customer`s history.

  2. E-commerce platforms

    integrate a variety of products and services from multiple sellers to scale your business.

  3. Native and cross-platform mobile applications

    that can reduce the distance between your business and potential buyers, and enable the customer to buy anytime and anywhere.

  4. Chatbots for Customer Support

    Implementing AI-powered chatbots on your online store can provide immediate assistance to customers, answering frequently asked questions, resolving issues, and guiding them through the purchasing process

  5. Order Management Systems

    automate order processing, track order statuses, determine optimal delivery methods, and coordinate actions between different participants in the supply chain, and as a result increasing work efficiency and customer satisfaction in e-commerce.

  6. Warehouse management systems (WMS)

    streamline warehouse operations by optimizing inventory placement, tracking product movement, managing inventory tasks, and reducing errors, resulting in improved inventory accuracy, improved operational efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

Front-end development
Back-end development
Mobile app development
UI/UX design

Front-end development

Elevate your business with appealing and practical front-end solutions crafted to provide seamless user experiences and adeptly address the unique challenges of your industry.

Our front-end department has::

50+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
React JS

Back-end development

Establish a robust groundwork for your applications through stable, scalable, and secure back-end systems, tailored to meet your business requirements and seamlessly manage data tasks.

Our back-end department has::

50+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
Node JS

Mobile app development

Stay ahead in the market with engaging, feature-rich, and high-performing mobile applications designed for Android and iOS platforms, skillfully crafted to meet the expectations of your target audience.

Our mobile department has::

20+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
React Native

UI/UX design

Enhance user satisfaction and elevate engagement through user-friendly, visually appealing UI/UX designs that deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences across all devices and platforms.

Our UI/UX design department has:

8+ Design specialists
7 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
Adobe XD
Figma Jam

Initiate your e-commerce innovations with our assistance.

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