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Healthcare Software Solutions

Apply the full capacities of modern healthcare solutions like modern AI and ML implementating that will transform your inner processes making it efficient and to be ahead your competitors.

Software and services for the development of healthcare solutions that we offer.

  1. Telemedicine

    integration into your healthcare delivery model will provide you with remote consultations, virtual visits, and remote monitoring services. This improves access to care, reduces wait times, and improves patient outcomes, positioning your organization ahead of the competition.

  2. Custom Healthcare CRM Systems

    tailored specifically for the healthcare industry will help you to analyze patient interactions, identify trends, and personalize communications to improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

  3. Augmented and virtual reality

    in healthcare will improve medical education, training, and the patient care experience. AR and VR applications can simulate medical procedures, anatomy visualization, and patient scenarios.

  4. Data integration and predictive analytics

    will include advanced data integration and predictiable analytics tools in your healthcare operations. By collecting and analyzing patient data from a variety of sources, such as wearable devices, can identify patterns, trends, and risk factors to predict and prevent adverse events.

  5. Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    digitizes patient health information, including medical histories, diagnoses, medications, and lab results, into a centralized electronic database. This optimizes care coordination, improves accuracy, reduces paperwork, and increases the efficiency of care delivery.

  6. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

    allows healthcare providers to monitor patients' health data in real-time from a distance. RPM devices, such as wearable sensors and mobile apps, enable continuous monitoring of vital signs, and disease-related metrics. This proactive approach promotes early detection of health problems, timely intervention and personalized care management, resulting in improved patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

  7. AI solutions

    in healthcare transform various aspects of patient care and work efficiency. AI-based tools can analyze vast amounts of medical data to identify patterns, predict outcomes, and personalize treatment plans. Machine learning algorithms can aid in diagnosis by analyzing medical images and identifying abnormalities with high accuracy. In addition, AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants can provide personalized patient support by answering questions, booking appointments, and even offering basic medical advice.

Front-end development
Back-end development
Mobile app development
UI/UX design

Front-end development

Elevate your business with appealing and practical front-end solutions crafted to provide seamless user experiences and adeptly address the unique challenges of your industry.

Our front-end department has::

50+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
React JS

Back-end development

Establish a robust groundwork for your applications through stable, scalable, and secure back-end systems, tailored to meet your business requirements and seamlessly manage data tasks.

Our back-end department has::

50+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
Node JS

Mobile app development

Stay ahead in the market with engaging, feature-rich, and high-performing mobile applications designed for Android and iOS platforms, skillfully crafted to meet the expectations of your target audience.

Our mobile department has::

20+ Design specialists
5-15 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
React Native

UI/UX design

Enhance user satisfaction and elevate engagement through user-friendly, visually appealing UI/UX designs that deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences across all devices and platforms.

Our UI/UX design department has:

8+ Design specialists
7 Years of experience
4.7 Rating on Clutch
Adobe XD
Figma Jam

Initiate your healthcare innovations with our assistance.

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Our projects



The telemedicine startup represented by the Founder of Central Europe has a request for the software development team.
They were looking for a team with expertise in virtual healthcare software development who would be able to develop custom web platform with the ability to provide an innovative solution for doctor-patient communication through fast tele-expertise and

Team size: 10
Symfony React MySQL Redis


  • Increase in insurance sales
  • Increasing the rating of a medical facility
  • 25% less time to send documents
  • 35% the number of personal appointments of patients increased
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Physical and Mental platform+ app.
We received a request from the physical and mental well-being startup from Australia.
They were looking for a team with expertise in AI and virtual healthcare software development who would help them create physical & mental health platform and app as a new experimental model based on artificial intelligence.

Team size: 15
Symfony Laravel Vue Yi2 MySQL React Native AWS


  • Algorithms that calculate estimated health and mental well-being user results
  • 1000+ Downloads from Google Play and Appstore
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